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Wholesale Shipping Tape

It seems that good quality shipping tape is never appreciated until the roll runs out. That’s why having a good supply of wholesale shipping tape can make a big difference in your business. From the shippers who seal the packages to those who transport the items and finally the customers who receive them, good shipping tape is more than a convenience, it is a necessity.

The value of high-quality shipping tape is obvious, but the impact it has on your business may go further than you might think. There are good reasons why having the right shipping tape makes such an impact, but it pays to understand what proper shipping tape is to fully appreciate what it can do for you.

What is Wholesale Shipping Tape?

You can say that it is shipping tape, which is purchased wholesale or in large quantities, but the impact is greater than the simple volume which is sent. Proper shipping tape is easier to use compared to the many cheap, poor-quality versions you might find at the local retail store. Such shipping tape comes with a good quality roller or dispenser that makes the process of taping boxes faster.

Plus, because of its overall quality, you can use less and get better results compared to the cheap versions that often fall apart. Add to this the benefit of purchasing it wholesale and you have a high-quality product that saves you money in the long run.


Everything starts with the selection of the shipping tape itself. Good, professional tape is designed to be used for businesses that ship out a considerable number of items. However, whether the numbers leaving your business is in the thousands or down to the single digits, there are solid advantages for having good quality wholesale shipping tape at your disposal.

Large Supply: Having a large supply of shipping tape readily available is not only convenient for those who put the packages together, it also means that the shipping process itself goes faster. There is no substitute for having the right tools readily available. It makes everything go smoother which includes shipping tape.

Fewer Mistakes: Many people who have had to tape shipping boxes themselves can tell stories of how poor-quality shipping tape made the job harder. Bad shipping tape tends to bind, cut off unevenly, and is harder to spread in sealing the box. Using high-quality shipping tape that is purchased wholesale means making fewer mistakes, using less tape, and saving money.   

Stronger Boxes: The better the tape, the better the seal on the box. That means the more likely your items will reach their destination intact. And, the better impression you will make on your customers when they see the boxes and tape that was used.

High-quality wholesale shipping tape puts more money in your pocket. Not only from what you save when ordering the tape. But also because it is used less, creates a stronger seal, and offers a better impression of your business brand to the very people who purchase your products.

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