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Factors that Affect Custom Shipper Box Pricing

A shipping box may be a shipping box, but a custom shipping box offers advantages to manufacturers and companies looking to lower costs while increasing protection and marketability of their items. Custom shipping boxes are quite common across a wide variety of industries.

Square Footage

This is the dimensions of the box and the number of boxes being made. The larger the box, the more material is needed, the higher the cost will be. However, the more boxes that are ordered, the lower the price will be per unit.

To save money, focus on a size that properly contains the product. An excessive size becomes an unnecessary expense. But it will need to be large enough to easily place and protect the product when shipping.

Board Test

This has to do with the thickness of the corrugated cardboard that is used to create the custom back. The thicker and higher quality corrugated material that is used, the more expensive the custom shipping box will be. Many common thickness sizes include 32, 200, 275, and so forth. Plus, there is single and double wall which adds to the costs as well.

In keeping prices down on custom boxes, the minimum thickness required to properly hold the product needs to be used. A strong consideration is the box having enough strength to withstand shipping. When all these factors are put together, the proper thickness of the material can help save money. 

Number of Colors Being Printed

The more colors you use, the higher the price will be. That is why you often see custom boxes being printed with only a single color. Black ink is arguably the least expensive, but you can use another color if you desire and save money. While you may find deals on two colors, the more you add, the more you will pay. Unless the downside is far greater than the money you will pay for more than a single color, it is best to avoid multiple colors for your custom shipping boxes.

Ink Coverage

The more ink that is used, the more expensive the order will be. Ink may be inexpensive, but as anyone purchasing ink for their copiers knows that the price can add up. The larger the coverage, the more ink is needed, the higher the price will be.

You can control the cost by minimizing the use of ink to the absolute essentials. While small print for the necessary shipping and legal information can be done inexpensively, designs such as the logo which require more ink may be problematic to control. You will need to strike the right balance in terms of the ink being used to the results you want.  

Understanding the factors that go into the prices for creating custom boxes will help you get the most for your money. One small change may save you a considerable amount, so be sure to go over all aspects of the custom box design before you commit to a price.

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