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Wicketed Poly Bags Used in T Shirt Production


For companies that manufacture t-shirts and other commonly used clothing such as hoodies, sweatshirts, and the like, the shipping process can be problematic if you do not properly protect the items. The issue with many plastic bags is they lack the proper ventilation to keep the material in like-new condition. That is why wicketed poly bags offer the perfect solution.

What are Wicketed Poly Bags?

Created from a low-density polyethylene, wicketed poly bags are strong, stretching, and quite durable. They are some of the most common bags used to ship a wide variety of materials. However, they are perfectly made for shipping t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and other clothing in a safe manner.

The bags themselves are stacked on a wire wicket, hence the name, and held in place using fasteners such as a clipboard header or rubber washers. The bags will have side or starter notches and a 1.5” lip that allows for the quick insertion of items and fast seal for secure shipping.

The ventilation consists of butterfly or full vents that allow for air to pass through while the item is safely stored inside. A full wicket will contain from 100 up to 250 bags and can be pulled one at a time for use. This makes using the bags for packing numerous items quick and easy. Just pull the bag from the wicket, place the item inside, seal it using the permanent or resealable tape, and then move on to the next bag.

The bags can be used to ship many different types of items, but they are especially effective with clothing. This is because the one weakness of bags made from low-density polyurethane is that they are vulnerable to sharp edges or corners. Fabrics have no sharp edges or corners and thus are perfect for being shipped in wicketed poly bags.


Using clear wicketed poly bags offers considerable benefits for shipping, especially when they have been ventilated.

Easy Packing: A wicketed poly back makes it simple to insert t-shirts and similar items for shipping. The large opening and easy sealing process mean you can pack a considerable number of t-shirts by hand or machine in a short amount of time.

Durable: The low-density polyurethane used is safe, tough, and impact resistant. It is also flexible which allows for safe shipping in case the items are packed tightly or impacts should occur. They also hold up over time, so even shipments around the world are safe when using this type of bag.

Ventilated: One of the biggest issues with shipping fabrics inside non-ventilated plastic bags is the buildup of moisture. The raised moisture levels provide a home for organisms such as mold that may feed on the material during the shipping process. The ventilation provided allows for the moisture to evaporate, making it much more difficult for 

Wicketed poly bags are a highly popular items with t-shirt manufacturers, along with those who produce sweatshirts, hoodies, and the like. The ventilation combined with warnings that can be posed in three different languages makes them the perfect choice for those who are in the clothing industry.

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