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Subscription Box Companies: Get the Best Box



         When it comes to subscription boxes for your direct to consumer products, it is important to produce a box that connects with your customer on a deeply personal level. Not only is it important for uplifting your brand, but a major key is that your customer becomes a walking, talking, live advertising powerhouse for you to his or her entire warm market—nothing can help elevate this viral marketing more for you than the Best Subscription Box.


The purpose of this article is to educate brands and bring them to speed on the technical elements that create the perfect subscription box. There are many aspects of the box from its style, the design print on the outside, the printing on the inside, the way the box closes, the texture of the box, its thickness, strength and more.


First off, the style of the Best subscription box is a “roll end tuck top box” with Cherry Locks and Dust Flaps. The locks and flaps help the box have a nice, tight, smooth closure for presentation and shipping purposes. You don’t want to have to use tape to close it because it will look tacky and at the same time you don’t want the box to fling open during shipping. The Best solution is the Roll End Tuck Top box with dust flaps and cherry locks as pictured.


Moreover, the thickness of the corrugated box itself is a key element in the decision-making process. If your product weighs a total of 2lbs or less, you can go with an E-Flute box. If your product is in the 3 lb – 10 lb range, you would want to go with a B flute box which is slightly thicker and stronger.

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