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Over the years, AR Box & Packaging has built a strong reputation as packaging wholesalers working with B2B clients around the US. From offering the best in packaging supplies, the company has expanded its business since being founded in 1989. This includes specializing in the apparel and garment industry by supplying wholesale and retail packaging supplies to those who manufacture black t-shirts along with screen printing companies.  

For over three decades, AR Box & Packaging has been the packaging wholesalers that so many in the garment industry trust. This is especially true for those who mass-produce t-shirts and other apparel from screen-printing services.

Screen Printing & Black T-Shirts

The screen-printing industry has grown considerably over the years to meet the needs of people across the US. This has resulted in more black t-shirts being needed as well. For those within the industry, shipping their apparel is a vital part of their business model. The t-shirts must be packed carefully and shipped within boxes that can handle the weight while protecting the product inside.

At AR Box & Packaging, we have worked within the apparel and garment industry since the first days of our business. This means that we offer the type of boxes and packing material needed to ensure that your t-shirts and other apparel arrive at their destination in the right shape for your customers to unpack and enjoy.

Why Choose AR Box & Packaging?

There are good reasons why AR Box & Packaging has earned a strong reputation as packaging wholesalers who meets the needs of their B2B clients. This is especially true for those who sell garments or apparel and in particular screen-printing companies along with blank t-shirt suppliers.

High-Quality Materials: All the packing material, including the boxes provided by AR Box & Packaging are crafted from high-quality, durable materials designed to stand up to the impacts and rigors of shipping. This means that when you place your items inside, they will be protected from they time they leave your business until they reach your customers.

Custom Boxes: Although AR Box & Packaging has many different sizes of boxes, you can order a custom one to fit your needs. The order form on the website allows you to create the exact box you need for the type of garments and apparel you intend to ship.

Low, Competitive Pricing: Because AR Box & Packaging are packaging wholesalers, we provide a low, competitive price when ordering. The flexible rates means you can get the type of packaging supplies you need in the quantities that work best for your business.

For those in the apparel and garment industry, particularly those with a focus on blank t-shirts and screen printing, AR Box & Packaging offers packaging supplies that are designed for your needs. From boxes of all sizes, packing tape, and other packing material, you can rely on the high-quality materials, fast service, and low, competitive pricing that has made the company a leader in the retail packaging supplies industry.


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