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Shipping boxes is a competitive industry with many businesses offering wholesale packaging boxes to companies around the world. At AR Box & Packaging, we are the shipping box wholesale company that offers high-quality shipping supplies at low, competitive prices with our B2B clients. Since our founding in 1989, we have been a leader in the wholesale box industry, providing what businesses want to meet their shipping needs.

Wholesale Box Advantages

For any business that ships their products to customers, having the right shipping supplies and boxes makes all the difference. This is why finding the right wholesale supplier of shipping boxes is so important. By ordering wholesale, you save a considerable amount of money compared to getting your boxes from retail stores. But the advantages are more than simply the price you pay.

  • Large bulk deliveries
  • Flexible box sizes
  • Services geared towards your business

The best companies that produce shipping boxes wholesale work directly with businesses of all types. This means that the boxes you order are made for your business, so you can ship your products safely to customers.

Why Businesses Choose AR Box & Packaging

There are good reasons to go with a proven source such as AR Box & Packaging. Over the past three decades, we have grown our business from serving customers in Anaheim and Orange County to around the US. Along the way, we have created services designed to meet your shipping needs as the wholesale box company you can trust.

Provide Samples: We provide samples of our products, so you can see the material yourself to know if it is right for your business. We believe in having our business clients know what they should expect when it comes to the shipping supplies we offer.

Flexible Packaging: In addition to providing boxes of many different sizes, we also offer flexible packaging options that are customized to your business needs. Every business is unique which means that we can produce the sizes, numbers, and types of wholesale packaging boxes that works for you.

Logo Printing: Our services include printing your business logo on each box to improve your business brand. This simple, yet effective service makes a positive impression on your customers when they see your logo on the outside of the box.

Low, Competitive Pricing: Because we do everything possible to keep the overhead down, our prices are low and competitive with other major companies that produce wholesale packaging boxes. By working to keep our prices down, we can provide more options for your business needs when it comes to shipping and packaging.

At AR Box & Packaging, shipping boxes are what we do. This is why we can store your shipping boxes in our warehouse, so if you need them quickly, they will be sent to you. It’s that dedication to service that makes us the shipping boxes wholesale company you can rely upon. If you need shipping supplies, AR Box & Packaging is the wholesale packaging company for you.  

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