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Wholesale Bubble Mailers


You may have looked at wholesale bubble mailers and wondered if they are worth the investment to your business. While it is not surprising that such mailers often get a second look before purchasing, the advantages that they offer are considerable whether you are shipping fragile items or not.

The bubble mailer is a simple, useful packaging system that provides the extra protection needed to not only have your items arrive safely, but it also impacts the view of your business from the perspective of the customer.

What are Wholesale Bubble Mailers?

Basically, this is packaging system in the form of a standard mailer that is normally used to ship papers and other non-fragile items. The difference is that the sides of the mailer are a form of bubble wrap that is reinforced for the extra protection of the items inside.

Bubble mailers are quite common and have been growing in popularity thanks to the simple principle of using bubbles of air to provide an extra cushion which protects what is inside. In addition, the extra cost of such mailers has been going down in recent years which means that they are now more affordable and available than ever.


For your business efforts, getting wholesale bubble mailers offers advantages that go beyond the added protection of the items that you are shipping. Because in business it’s not just about timely delivery, it is the positive impression that you make on customers which can make the difference.

Greater Overall Protection: Because the sides of bubble mailers are thicker, they provide greater protection while adding very little extra weight. Because much of their composition is the air inside the bubbles, many such mailers add the protection needed while keeping the weight of the package you are sending down.

Added Backing: One of the less obvious advantage of using bubble mailers is that they are stiffer and stronger compared to standard paper mailers. This means that documents and other small items that you want shipped without being bent can be done inside a bubble mailer. Quite often, a bubble mailer means that you do not have to add an additional piece of cardboard inside to keep the documents straight which saves time and money.

Improved First Impression: There is a marked difference between receiving an item in a standard mailer compared to a bubble mailer. Everyone who sees a good bubble mailer will have a better first impression of the sender. This is because they know the extra effort being made to ensure their items arrived safely. Since you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, putting items inside bubble mailers that were purchased wholesale means you not only save money, you might make more money in the future.  

In the end, wholesale bubble mailers make of the perfect investment of proving greater protection, adding the needed backing, and making a positive impression that can help boost your business brand. Given that the cost of such wholesale mailers is now cheaper than ever, they make for a wise financial decision that can pay dividends for your business.

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