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AR Box & Packaging has become one the leaders in packaging and shipping supplies. Plus, offering industrial supplies to B2B clients nationwide. Our specialty is creating custom corrugated boxes to fulfill the needs of businesses across the US. By providing custom packaging boxes wholesale, we offer an inexpensive, yet strong, durable products that business owners rely upon to ship and store their products and materials.


AR Box & Packaging started in 1989 and primarily served the Anaheim and Orange County area. The primary goal was to provide proper packaging and shipping supplies to local companies. Over the years, the services grew to serve customers nationwide. The emphasis on creating a custom box grew from the needs of companies and businesses that needed specific sizes of boxes for storing or shipping their items.

Over time, the company has expanded its products and services in terms of bulk corrugated boxes, custom boxes, shipping and packaging supplies to include poly bags, cleaning supplies, and more. The growth of AR Box & Packaging has come naturally as the needs of clients changes. This means new products and services which address those needs all while being competitively priced.

During this time, AR Box & Packaging has been encouraging its B2B clients to recycle and reuse to promote a healthy environment. By emphasizing sustainability with recycled goods, AR Box & Packaging stands behind its products and services while also recognizing environmental concerns.

Products & Services

Custom packaging solutions is the heart of AR Box & Packaging. Providing flexibility to business owners who need specialized shipping supplies. Over the years, AR Box & Packaging has expanded its products and services to cover the needs of companies and meet the demands of changing times. The basic types of products offered include the following;

  • Standard & Custom Boxes
  • Poly Mailers & Bubble Mailers
  • Stretch Wrap & Bubble Wrap
  • Thermal Labels & Shipping Labels
  • Gloves, Tape, and More

There are additional products and services added regularly to meet the needs of B2B customers. This is why AR Box & Packaging has remained one of the leaders in the industry for packaging and shipping needs.

The custom box remains the heart of what AR Box & Packaging provides to its customers. By filling out a simple online form, you can choose the size, style, and material used to make the box. Once the order is completed, the boxes will be shipped to the location that you indicated on the form. You can order more than one box which means that you can fulfill your packaging and shipping requirements uses custom boxes for your orders.

By providing the best in custom packaging boxes wholesale, you can get what you need in terms of a custom box that meets your requirements and made from strong materials and using expert design that exceed your expectations in terms of performance. All this for a low, competitive price that has made AR Box & Packaging one of the premier shipping and packaging supply company in the US.

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